Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Point of It

I've had lots of knitty stuff going on here the last few days. I've almost finished my Stripe Study Shawl for the KAL, I've run out of contrasting colour so the final stripe is done in the main colour, which blends in and makes a wide border, not quite finished yet though.

I've also cast on a project I've wanted to do for ages, a cardigan for me. I really like a cardigan, not too thick, that I can pull on over whatever if it gets a bit chilly. I can't find one to buy anywhere so I decided it was about time I just got on with it and knitted one. It's a Sabine cardigan, knitted with Nimu Kidsty yarn.

The problem I had with yarn as fine as this, and particularly this colour, was that my Knit Pro Symfonies weren't quite as sharp as I'd like to pick it up, and I couldn't see it very well against the colour of the needles.
I have recently been trying out socks on circs. and Sarah from Crafts at the Cwtch had recommended me Addi Lace needles which I have found I just adore, so I have now invested in a full set to fulfil my desire for 'pointyness'.

You also get a sneak preview of the yarn for my next project - Nimu Blencathra for Azzu's Shawl

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